My brain is blogged

My brain is blogged, and no, I don’t have a nasal problem.

I have been trying to build a website, and I think at this stage I have checked about every freebie site there is.  I made a decision last week – a very strategic decision – to give up and pay the $2,95 for a domain name as that seemed to be the place to start. You will have guessed, I’m not a techno genius, I write and I need a place to write – doesn’t sound too difficult except if you are seriously looking for a free website. Well back to the domain – The $2,95 had increased to $25.00 before I even had a chance to register the darned domain name. You know they don’t tell us newbies enough.  Not everyone understands that dns is not the same as a domain name although dns is and abbreviation for domain name (server??) . Then after buying a domain name – i have never been informed that you have to pay for your name to sit there doing absolutely nothing. Oh, lets take that back, you can build a website of up to ten pages with all sorts of bells and whistles on it – alas, no one has alerted you that once you have spent days on end getting it to look sort of acceptable and to do all the things you asked it to do, that you would have to publish it. Okay, I will forgive that, it’s probably common sense that you would have to publish it, the thing is I was trying to publish my wee 3 page very simple site for the whole weekend.  Today I emailed the ‘hosts’ and found they were not very good hosts in that they invited me to stay over but that did not include breakfast……………. What I mean is, very techno naive me didn’t know that I also had to register for web hosting.  This of course is where the free ads go out the window.  The hosting would cost at least 50c per month, this is chargeable for 120 months in advance by the way, non negotiable.  The 50c per month gives you very little leeway, I think you can publish a self built page through the host company. Looking all over though, I find offers are much of a muchness and you have to be careful before you provide those precious banking details. Just to look at how any offers work, you have to provide that very intimate email add – which needs to be validated before you can go further. Then you are on this page where you can register a name of a website…… a name you are to find out later may be being used on the WWW and you will have to employ a rocket scientist to encode or decode whatever it is that enables you to use the site. By this stage you have spent almost $200 and you are no further on.  Probably nearer to having a total nervous breakdown, but that is it. Well at this stage you may think, his is just too much bother, I will go find another site which will host my website for free.  I have a domain name, registered and now I need a web host to save my three pages  (about 200kbs) – guess what……………. Domain name, domain name host, website and website host, build, design, add ons, security, email, publications, videos, blogs, eshopping, all of it just costs more and more and more. It is so frustrating. The most frustrating thing is though, is that you sign up under the auspices that it is free.  Suddenly you get a small invoice, you allow this to go because you are halfway through building and will be able to publish in  a few hours.  Now they nail you with the ‘we can’t publish ‘ phrase and trust me that the contractual side clearly states that you will not be refunded in the event of termination or cancellation of the account. Guess what folk, suddenly I have realised why they wanted paid for 120 months in advance for absolutely nothing.  Now anything I do with the website I registered will entail further cost.  They wont even transfer the domain name to another site for hosting without being paid again.  Dont try explain that you already paid for 120 months of service you are not going to get – the staff are very well-trained to ignore statements or questions relevant to this. So here I am, checking if this blog page works at yet another site.  I will send it to my WordPress blog regardless….at least I know WordPress will publish it and do all the little extras for FREE as they stated in their ads. Right, this blogger has to go put in some hours on the home front or no one will have anything ironed to wear this week. I will come back and sort out this techno puzzle later.

Love y’all CBB