Hi.  I need to get my writing skills back in form as I plan to freelance eventually.  Blogging is very new to me but appears to be an interactive way of writing.  I am hoping you will all read what I write and give me some constructive criticisism, hints and tips along the way.

I am a single mother of three adult children, my daughter lives in the middle east, she is a cabin crew and flies all over the world.  My sons, twins, are in their final years of further education.  They have been in the UK for a year today.  I moved to Northern Ireland in January 2011 from South Africa.  I am originally from England so when my 10 year relationship took a downward turn, my sons and I headed east – to the place I was born .

My parents have just moved here to join us.   I have a sister who lives with her husband in South Africa.  Her sons both live in the UK.

Thats it, no pets, not even a goldfish.

I hope you join me on the next journey, we are going by internet to have the blog of our lives. 🙂


2 thoughts on “About

    • Jamie

      Its true that SA is a beautiful country, don’t know about the sharks though, I wouldn’t trust them. There are too many surfers who have been attacked. Thanx for the wishes.

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