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Dare to care?

So who ever said care work was easy?  The thing is, no one tells you how hard it is.


Try being on your feet for more than 12 hours a day – and I mean on your feet and physically active.

Try keeping a smile on your face regardless of whatever may be thrown your way (sometimes very literally)

Try takimg the responsibility for anything going wrong and not beimg recognised for anything going well.

Lo and behold you feel ill – thats a road straight to the blacklist.

Heavwn forbid you highlight aby potential problems for you may be labelled as a snitch.

Dont dare question nurse or manager decisions even though they may be totally wrong.

Remember when you make a decision in a person’s best interest is will undoubtedly lead to a reprimand.

When you highlight gaps or things that need attention you are just nit picking and its not your job.  If you don’t and senior managers,relatives or inspectors pick up on a problem its your fault for not reporting it.

If you are spending time with service users you are being idle and avoiding other work but if you leave the room and someone falls or chokes or has any other unfortunate mishap it is your fault for not being there.

If someone in care needs anything you’ll be cast off and basically told to do what you must do.  When you sort out what person needs you’re probably going to be acting outside one or  another policy or procedure.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  You will probably only truly understand what I mean if you have worked in care.  I coild elaborate but I would be fired for doing so.

No, my friends, work in care is the lowest paid yet hardest job.

For reasons of self preservation you should probably look for another job – if you are fond of the people you care for you will know how hard it would be to turn your back on those who need you most, and you will just have to deal with it.


Yours in blogging

Cherryberrybear x


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About four years have gone. Gone.

I don’t feel old and don’t feel like I am missing out on life or that time flies by unnoticed – that is, until I put a date to something.clockted

Like now – when I look at the last blog posted around 2013 – that’
s four years, almost one and a half thousand days.

tic toc tic toc

my mind starts drifting to how many hours of paid work I could have done in this amount of time – let me do an exercise:

Say 1000 days (for ease of calculation – I’m not the worlds greatest mathematician)

  • I sleep for 8 hours a day,
  • eat for about one hour a day, prep and clean up food dishes included in the hour.
  • Personal hygiene is about an hour a day .
  • Then we have weekends (or days off)  about 200 days (no formula for this, basically a thumb suck)
  • Anyway this would leave me 800 days of 14hours a day = 11 200 hours
  • 11200 hours at basic pay rate of £7.10 per hour = £79 520
  • Less Tax, NI, pension and all the other stuff that’s taken off before we even get it – this would amount to around £19 000 (correct me if im wrong)
  • So netting £60 520 – less monthly rent, council tax, water, electric, gas, phone, internet, tv licence, etc…… you know, all the necessary things to live before we look at what it takes to actually make sure the body we are occupying is able to cope.  My guesstimate for these costs over 1000 days is £35000.
  • This leaves around £25520 – putting aside 15520 for clothing, food, furnishings, make up and other incidentials would leave £10000.
  • This leave about £10 a day – not really much in the bigger scheme of things.  If I look at the fact that I used to smoke which cost £7 a day – this would have just about taken care of that.
  • Well now that I don’t smoke any more and should essentially have an extra £10 per day for spending or saving – why don’t I?money-teddy

So now Im over depressing myself, let me make a plan on what to blog going forward.

I have been working and have a host of stories to share so maybe thats where I will begin….

any suggestions?

Yours in time x