Resolute moves for 2013

Day 4 – January


Use your brain when making decisions

Already day four of 2013 and still here I am trying to figure what changes need to be made over the next 361 days.
Did you make new year resolutions?  I’m going to but I am not going to call them resolutions. I’m going to call them small steps towards a vast horizon. A horizon tinged with hope, growth and new beginnings.
After an uneventful 2012, even the smallest positive changes are bound to make an improved difference. So the pressure is off.
Being a very depressed, unmotivated failure in my late 40s, I can honestly say that any change at present will be an improvement..
I haven’t totally decided how to focus on specific, detailed change. At this stage I am broadly addressing matters most important to me.

Some things I have decided are;

 I’m not going to look like a lithe size 6 film star. With my bone structure, a much leaner size 14 -16 will make a drastic difference. So given the fact that I have eventually, at 47 year of age, faced the fact that I am never gonna be a sexy super model, I am happy to look at a realistic  12 kg weight loss. One a month – in the right direction will be just great for me.

 I am not packing in smoking. Despite the fact that all of my children and my parents are avid anti-smokers, knowing full well how disgusting it smells and looks as well as a full awareness of the health implications and considering the high cost – I enjoy it. So without any guilt in trying, giving a half-hearted attempt at packing in, I am boldly and selfishly stating that I am a smoker and I love it. So, no, I am not going to kick the habit. At least, not this year.

 I am definitely not going to pay off my debt. My goodness, I would have to flog my log or meet my very own Rockefeller to be able to do that. So, save the very scarce chance that I win the lottery, my debts will still be debts at the end of the year. I am certainly hoping to reduce them somewhat. You know that something always comes up though that brings in more debt to replace that already settled. In 2013 I am, however, going to face my debt. I am going to address it maturely and try to do what I can to reduce it without forcing us to live like church mice.

 I am going to write more, read more, be more diligent with housework and personal grooming. I have bought a diary which I plan to use to keep important dates and information – I have a blackberry which does all that for you but I never seem to have it around when I need it or the battery is flat or it cannot connect to the app I need. A good old pen and diary will do the trick, it worked for me before, I am sure it will now.

 I am going to get a job, or two if necessary. I have to work around my disability but I have a wee plan in my head which may enable me to do this.

 I am going to do something good every day and note it. I will write it on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. At the end of 2013 I am going to read each note and say ‘what a great year this was’.
This, my friends is what one could call a realistic list of resolutions. Not a motivational speaker’s ideal, perhaps a little cynical and certainly not too taxing. They are, however, all measurable, relevant, realistic and do-able.

So, without further ado …………………………
Let the Magic begin……………


One thought on “Resolute moves for 2013

  1. LOL, that’s a great list! LOL. I’m the same about having to write stuff down in a paper organizer despite the fact that phones these days can do the same job. I use my phone for pretty much everything else, but I have a proper paper diary on my desk that I use every day. I need to be able to quickly scribble stuff down in my chicken-scratch handwriting, and then glance at it throughout the day; not painstakingly type it on a miniature keyboard and then forget to look at it later! LOL Good luck with everything; it sounds very realistic. And the last one is really nice, what a great idea. 🙂

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