Bank on me

Ever heard that saying ‘bank on me’ well my bank would never get away with using that saying.  I am one of the VICTIMS of the current bank crisis / IT crisis.Image

Since 18th June til yesterday there was no money deposited into our or at least my, accounts.  I have had to borrow money left right and centre.

Well I am a believer in not bitching about things that go wrong.  I try to find a way to ensure it doesnt  happen again.  I thought I had my banking problem figured but I just keep hitting walls.  Yesterday, in a plight of desparation I called the bank to see when they would eventually be putting our money into our accounts.  I was shocked, apalled, disgusted and disappointed to find that the call went to an automated answering machine which just apologised about the fiasco.

The bank claims our credit worthiness will not be affected.  How the hell can they say that?  I tell BT, Virgin, 02 and my landlord that I cannot pay until the bank has got itself sorted out but they don’t feel diddly squat about the bank’s problems.

I called my credit card (same bank 😦 ) and asked them to give me an additional amount on my credit until THEIR bank has sorted out everything.  They had the cheek to tell me I am already over my limit for credit – when I asked why they said because I hadn’t paid yet this month.  Hello!?!?!?!? I did explain that I had tried to pay them electronically in case they would like to check up on me.  The only reason it was over limit is because I wasn’t able to pay them.  The accounts are linked, my current account and credit card. 

Didn’t help, I was talking to a call centre who are told what to say and people who are not permitted to think or act out of the box.  Well he then brought up that the account was over credit the previous month too. Why????????  I told him the reason being that paypal had just deducted money without me first authorising the payment.  Guess what – struck a blank!

So today I checked my account again.  Luck – they have deposited one of the amounts (the smallest one).  Well at least I could draw that and buy some milk and cereal for breakfast.  The other £600 is still sitting in some limbo account belonging to the bank.  Earning the bank interest.

Just think for yourself – over 100 thousand customers are affected.  All our money has been held ransom since 18th June and still not sorted out.  I think the banking sector should force the bank to take all the interest they have made over this period and compensate their customers for this inconvenience.  I doubt that will happen though, I personally think it was manufactured to earn the bank a huge sum of money quickly.

Well, tomorrow I will be going to another bank and getting sorted and ready to move everything over as smoothly as possible.

It is disgusting that a bank is permitted to get away with this.

I know one thing for sure, they will no longer bank on me.


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