Words are cheap?

Some say words are cheap but when I think of the most memorable, romantic or saddest tragic stories.  The words used in these stories are what provokes one to think of the story, event or people involved.  Just a few words can make you visualise an entire scene. It is the words that are used.

  • You complete me
  • My world would not be a world without you in it
  • Romeo, where forth art thou,

to name a few,

It amazes me how words, a simple line or phrase you have heard in life can conjure up an entire scene, you can almost feel the moment.

Songs I have loved have been those with lyrics that were meaningful to me and clever lyrics,

  •  round, like a circle in a spiral or a wheel within a wheel never ending or beginning in an ever spinning reel.
  • picture yourself in a boat on  the river, tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
  • Never seen you looking as lovely as you do tonight
  • a man who will fight for your honour

all words that just hearing them make me think of people, times in life and things that have happened.  Just hearing a couple of words from a song usually gets me humming or singing all the words to the song.

No, I don’t think words are cheap.  I think our world would be much poorer without them.  Well, my life would be.


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