Avoid receiving the cold shoulder

The worst nightmare for me is to be told I have to get up and address a hall full of people. I am not shy and can run off a presentation in front of a couple of people but as soon as it becomes a larger group then I am way out of my comfort zone. I don’t know why but I have a morbid fear of being the centre of attention. I am happy to give the limelight to others. I never aspired to be a celebrity, to be the focus point. No, fame was never high on my list of priorities. Well the bad news is that throughout life there are times when one is required to stand in the spotlight.

So, to avoid stage fright, I adopted a tactic that I used to think was very corny. Tried and tested, however, it is proven to work, if not for my audience, but for me. I use ‘ice-breakers’ This is a small little introductory ‘party piece’ which involves the audience and creates interaction, thus making everyone more relaxed and receptive. So for those of you who are like me and crumble to a blithering nervous wreck when stepping behind a podium, I have put together the following list of ideas which can be adapted to suit the type of subject and audience you are addressing. I have tried to tailor the list for larger audiences which would restrict too much movement.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is my list of face-saving ice-breakers:


This is a nice little game where everyone needs to get out their pens and notebooks, ideal if you are going to require guests to make any notes. This is a game which works well for a large group of people too. Take a breath before you begin, this is done in verse:
This little game is easy to do; you just add figures like 2 plus 2.
Multiply, subtract, or divide, more and more,  There is a prize for the highest score.

I wonder who came here from afar,

Give yourself 5 if you came by car.

Were you on time? Not a minute late?

Punctuality pays, so give you 8.

A necklace gives you 5, and earrings 3,

Glasses are 9 more when they are on you,

10 points more if your eyes are blue.

Score yourself 5 if you show any pink,

But take away 10 if you left dishes in the sink.

Count all your buttons, each gives you 1,

Except if they’re white, and then you get none.

Each bow is 1 point, but safety pins are taboo,

So for each one you’re wearing, take away 2.

Open toe shoes are quite fine,

So, give yourself 10 if you are wearing that kind.

Now here’s a chance to score you better,

Add 6 points if you’re wearing a sweater.

1 Point for each year that you have been wed,

But take away 5 if your hair is red.

Now daughters are sweet, and on that we agree,

So for each one you have you may now add 3.

But when adding up points, boys are worth more,

So, for each one of your sons, go ahead and add 4.

If you kissed your husband or boyfriend, add 12,

But into your personal life I must delve’

If you kissed them both you must subtract 20,

Because you’re in trouble and trouble aplenty.

Now that’s all there is, so total your score,

If you like you can add on the following paragraph, a positive winner:

Except if you’re a special friend, there’s more.

It’s a 50 point bonus for V.I.P.

If you are part of (name of your company)

The ones who invited me!


This one works only if you have a group of 15 to 20 people:

Have each guest write the name of an adjective on a piece of paper and put into a bowl. Pull them out one at a time as you read the following:

Hello, I represent _____, the _____ company in the world. We sell the _____ products. I am very pleased to be in this _____ venue today.

We must admit we have a _____ Host.

Of all the groups I have ever held a (talk/presentation/conference) with, you are by far the _____. And once again, I want to thank our _____ Hosts for inviting me into here today.

I am sure by the end of the (morning/afternoon/day) you will agree I am the _____ presenter you have ever met.

I do hope that you have a good time and you will invite me into your _____ (venue/company), so that you can receive some of my _____ merchandise free, too.

Now I will get this presentation over with quick and painlessly because afterwards, our _____ Host will be serving some _____ refreshments. (Only use the last line if you are sure you host actually is serving refreshments, don’t want to build up expectations).


Another verse game. This is for a group of women. Make sure you have enough pens and paper on hand for everyone and a token prize for the winner.

This is a most unusual game,

It really doesn’t have a name.

It’s as simple as a game can be,

Just listen and add your total and you will see.

You’re fashionable and you live in a whirl,

Give yourself 10 points if you’re wearing a pearl.

Give yourself 10 if your toes are peeking out,

And earrings will give you another 10 to count.

Add 10 points if you’re wearing red,

And another 10 if there’s grey on your head.

Now count those buttons, for each you get 3,

And another 10 if you’re showing your knee.

Oh Boy! Now for the big Hooray!

15 points if you kissed a man today!

Stop and listen, here’s a stunner,

Subtract 3 points if you have a runner (in your nylons).

So you think you’re going to win?

Take away 3 for that safety pin.

If you cooked a mean and not heated soup,

You earn 10 points and a merry WHOOP!

Attended church on Sunday? Gee that’s fine!

Give yourself another 9.

This game has ended, now wasn’t that fun?

Add up your score and see who won!


1. Make up a set of index cards with numbers up to the amount of guests you expect to attend.

2. Have low value items, or company promotional items on show.

3. Each person buys index card/s with a number written on it. They have to pay for each number say £1 or £2.

Have a container with the numbers up to the amount you’ve handed out so you can pick a number for the winner.

4. Hold up and demonstrate the item that will be in the auction. Anybody wishing to participate may do so by holding up their card.

5. You then draw a winning number. If the number you draw does not have their card up, continue drawing until someone with the card up wins.

*Note: You can tease them by saying: _This number is higher than 5, has two digits, etc.

*Notes on Auctions:

1. Ensure the host reminds guests to bring cash.

2. You can donate any money collected to a charity or to the host company to cover some of the costs.


This is a great way of collecting business cards of attendees.

Take four or five items and prices. Guests have to match the price with the correct item. Get the guests to write down the prices of each item as you display it.

A good thing is to get businessmen to write the answers on the back of their business cards, if not possible, give each a separate card to write on. Remind those not using business cards to write their contact details on one side of the card. Put the cards into a hat or bowl during the presentation stop and draw three or four names.

The person closest gets the prize (remember to have duplicate prizes on hand should there be more than one winner. On the next round, repeat the procedure.

#15 GAME

Build attendance at presentations by telling the Host you’ll have special prizes to award if there are at least 15 guests.

Space the gifts throughout the presentation.

You could give gifts for:

1. A guest who’s been married 15 years or more

2. A guest who has a total of 15 children and grandchildren

3. A guest who has a total of 15 letters in her first and last name

4. A guest who has a child 15 years old

5. A guest who has a birthday on the 15th of the month

Be sure to have enough gifts in case more than one guest qualifies for each 15 you announce.


Have guests add their points as you read this story.

If any selling you have done before,

Put down 10 as the start of your score.

If you have a car and are able to drive,

The thing you must do is just add 5.

A little spare time on arrival will add to your score,

For this you may add 15 more.

If you like people and think they are grand,

Add 6 more to see where you stand.

Add 10 points if you think (conferences/presentations/workshops/meetings) are fun,

And when you add this you are almost done.

If you score the highest, it is plain to see,

It’s you who should be up here, not me.


Have guests list 10 gift giving occasions. After they have completed their list, call off occasions and have guest check off if they have it listed. First one to complete their list wins. *Note: Start with the least thought of, with the most common to be read last.


If you have brochures to hand out, this is a good game to ensure the guests actually look at the hand-outs.

Choose an item or word that is pictured small and almost hidden. Name and describe it for the guests.

The first person to find it in the brochure wins. This really gets the guests to see everything in the brochure.

This also gives you time to get organised and set up.


For this game you will need to have £20 and a couple of prizes for each envelope you hand out.

Inside three or four envelopes, put a small piece of paper folded so it is not visible through the envelope.

Write on the paper £1.00; another £2.00; another £5.00 (any denominations which add up to £10)

Make up the same amount of envelopes and hold onto them for trading with the winners.

When everyone is seated get someone to give the four envelopes out to random people. Tell everyone what is inside and that they are gift certificates!

Now, during the presentation you can play the game and the envelope must be passed right, left, forward, backwards, etc.

At the end, the four people with envelopes come up. Ask the first person to come up and if they want to trade envelopes with the other winners, maybe their luck is better. Or with one of your envelopes…so you can trade for another envelope if you want to” (Hold the other envelopes out). Usually everyone is hollering “trade” or “don’t trade”).

Next, say, “DON’T LOOK!” ~ “I’ll make another deal with you…(Pull out your gift basket) “I will trade you the envelope for an item in my basket or two items….that envelope could be worth $5 or maybe just $1” (Everyone is again yelling “trade” or “don’t trade”). She then makes her choice. If they are too eager to take the prize and escape, offer double what’s in the envelope.

If you can get the host company to sponsor higher value prizes it raises the interest level.


For this you need a whole lot of small prizes. This can only be done on a smaller group,

Stand in front of the guests and tell them, I’m going to Hawaii as you point to each guest one by one. That guest must tell you two things they would take to Hawaii with them. If they can’t think of two, then they are out of the game, if they can give them a prize.


For this you will need a good prize to give to the winner. It is a good way to get your guests to interact

This is a game you would play just before a tea or lunch break. Give all guests paper and pencil. Tell them they have to collect as many signatures as they can. The person with the most signatures wins a prize. Alternatively you can challenge guests to collect and give in as many business cards as they can collect.



This is a fun game to relax everybody. Give each person a piece of paper. This is probably best done if guests have something to place the paper onto. Using the paper in a landscape style, tell them to close their eyes and keep them closed for the entire game.

We’re going on a Hawaiian vacation, so draw an island in the middle of your paper.

—to the left of your island, draw a ship

—you are surrounded by water, so put some fish in the sea

—this is Hawaii, so put a palm tree on the island

—it’s a nice day, so put some birds in the air

—that ship didn’t get there all by it, so put a sailor on the ship

—he might get hungry, so draw some coconuts on the palm tree

—sailors like to see where they are going, so put some port holes on the ship

—sailors like entertainment, so draw a hula dancer on the island

—it’s a sunny day, so put a sun in the sky

Now you can open your eyes! We are going to see how well you did.

Score points if:

Your island is in the middle 10 points

Your ship is to the left of the island, but not touching 10 points

For each fish you have 5 points

For the base of the palm tree being on the island 5 points

For each bird you drew 5 points

If the sailor is on the ship, not swimming 15 points

If any coconut is on the tree 5 points

If the porthole is on the ship 10 points

If the hula dancer is on the island 15 points

Now the sun:

If to the left 20 points

If to the right 15 points

If in the middle 10 points

Highest points win!


Have guests write the first word that comes to mind as you call out the following. Whoever matches the most with a chosen persons list wins.

1. Husband                 11. Home

2. Trip                     12. Toy

3. Laugh                 13. Candy

4. Cold                     14. Music

5. Coat                     15. Dog

6. Money                 16. Run

7. Animal that begins with R         17. Famous brother

8. Early spring flower             18. Type of Insurance

9. Something marked Grade A         19. Wood to make furniture

10. Musical Instrument             20. Pastel colour

To make it more fun, tell everyone to pass their lists two or three people to the left, right, forward for marking.


Say a quick hello to guests then turn your back and ask them

1. Do I have a fringe?

2. What colour trouser am I wearing?

3. What is the colour are my eyes?

4. Am I wearing flats shoes or heels?

5. Am I wearing a necklace?

6. Are there buttons on my outfit?

7. Am I wearing glasses?

8. How tall am I (within 1 inch)?

9. Am I wearing earrings?

10. Am I wearing a bracelet or watch?

See who gets the most right.


Wrap an unusually shaped gift in a pretty package. When all the guests are seated. Each guest is to write down what they think is inside. They should be very specific. For example if they think it is a candle write what colour. If they think it is a toy exactly what colour, size and so forth. The guest who guesses nearest to the actual item is the winner.


1. Popular at Thanksgiving (Turkey)             6. Always wanting to eat (Hungary)

2. What you are when you shiver (Chile)         7. Always in a hurry (Iran or Russia)

3. A cook uses it when frying (Greece)             8. A singing bird (Canary Island)

4. Sounds cold (Iceland)                 9. Never turns brown (Greenland)

5. Easy to break (China)                     10. Reminds of straw hats

(Panama or Mexico)


Tell guests to list all the names of songs they can think of that have a colour as part of the title. The person with the most songs listed wins. Some examples: White Christmas, The Old Grey Mare, Blue Moon, Green sleeves, etc.


Complete the song title with a woman’s name.

1. Long Tall (Sally) 5. Sweet (Caroline)

2. Second Hand (Rose) 6. _____ Girl (Georgia)

3. Oh (Susannah) 7. Hello (Dolly)

4. I Dream of (Jeannie)


1. Come blow your horn (Little Boy Blue)

2. The mouse ran up the clock (Hickory Dock)

3. He licked the platter clean (Jack Spratt)

4. A merry old soul was he (Old King Cole)

5. Yes sir, Yes sir, Three bags full (Baa Black Sheep)

6. Met a pie man going to the fair (Simple Simon)

7. How does your garden grow? (Mary, Mary Quite Contrary)

8. His name was Dapple Grey (I Had a Little Pony)

9. All the kinds horses (Humpty Dumpty)

10. I’ve been in London (Pussycat, Pussycat)


1. Their mittens? (Three Little Kittens) 6. His cow and sheep? (Little Boy Blue)

2. Her sheep? (Little Bo Peep) 7. Her pocket? (Lucy Locket)

3. Her magic slipper? (Cinderella) 8. Their pail of water? (Jack & Jill)

4. His balance? (Humpty Dumpty) 9. Her nose? (Old King Cole’s Maid)

5. Their way? (Hansel & Gretel) 10. Their tails? (3 Blind Mice)


1. Farmer’s Wife Attached by Rodents Three Blind Mice

2. Kings Men Fail to Revive Crash Victim Humpty Dumpty

3. Man’s Request for Taste of Pastry Denied Simple Simon

4. Violinists Give Command Performance for King Old King Cole

5. Wedded Pair Have Hearty Appetites Jack Spratt

6. Survey Discloses Adequate Wool Supply Baa, Baa Black Sheep

7. Girl Frightened by Spider Little Miss Muffet

8. Boy Kisses Girls Then Flees Georgie Porgie

9. Rodent Horrified as Clock Strikes the Hour Hickory Dickory Dock

10. Woman Lacks Food, Dog Starves Old Mother Hubbard

11. Big Thief Punished Tom, Tom the Piper’s Son

12. Archer Confesses! Murder Solved Cock Robin

13. Unusual Pie Served to Royalty Sing a Song of Sixpence

14. Lost Sheep Able to Find Way Home Little Bo Peep

15. Cat Terrifies Mouse in Royal Palace Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat

16. John Stout Rescues Cat from Drowning Ding Dong Dell

17. Lamb follows Owner Everywhere Mary Had a Little Lamb

18. Sheep Stray While Shepherd Sleeps Little Boy Blue

19. Spider Struggles up Waterspout Itsy, Bitsy Spider

20. Study Contrasts Boys and Girls What Little Boys Are Made Of?


Below are the definitions of everyday expressions that suggest the name of an animal or bird. How many can you guess?

1. First Love (Puppy love)             6. Discourteous driver (Road hog)

2. Be suspicious (Smell a rat)             7. A husband that is nagged (Hen-pecked)

3. Common sense (Horse sense)         8. Stop being conceited (Get off your high horse)

4. Know it all (Cock-sure)             9. Tell a secret (Let the cat out of the bag)

5. Look at (Take a gander)             10. Not sure what you’re getting (Buy a pig in a poke)


1. Lives in a hill (Ant)                 6. Is a coloured fish (Silverfish?)

2. Has a coloured coat (Yellow jacket)         7. Have good manners (Lady Bug)

3. is always sweet (Honey bee)             8. Is a monster (Dragonfly?)

4. Is named for a month (June bug)         9. Is used to build roads (Caterpillar)

5. Is a food (Butterfly)                 10. Is slang for a punch (Slug?)


1. Chief part of a watch (Main Spring)

2. Your children are your (Offspring)

3. Used by a swimmer and a high diver (spring board)

4. A type of cake pan (spring form)

5. The December Bride (Spring Byington)

6. Name of a song (Spring Time)

7. Lazy feeling often associated with spring (Spring fever)

8. City in Massachusetts, Missouri and Ohio (Springfield)

9. Clear liquid that is good for you (spring water)

10. Thorough cleaning of the home in March, April or May (spring cleaning)


1. What ship goes to church? (Worship)

2. What ship is found in the country? (Township)

3. What ship is the most romantic? (Courtship)

4. What ship applies to your guest? (Friendship)

5. What ship belongs on a bench in court? (Judgeship)

6. What ship is the most hated in this country? (Dictatorship)

7. What ship is shared with someone else? (Partnership)

8. What ship is bought and paid for? (Ownership)

9. What ship is English nobility? (Lordship)

10. What ship heads a group? (Leadership)


Have guests draw a tic-tac-toe on their paper. Tell them that in each block you want them to fill in one word that is only 3 letters long and is a part of the body (no slang words, please). The first one to get a tic-tac-toe wins.

Eye Gum Rib Leg

Lid Lip Hip Arm

Toe Jaw Lap Ear


1. The devil made me do it (Flip Wilson)

2. And away we go (Jackie Gleason)

3. And now…here’s Johnny (Ed McMahon)

4. What’s up Doc (Bugs Bunny)

5. Thanks for the memories (Bob Hope)

6. Say good night Gracie (George Burns)

7. Bless your ‘lil pea pickin’ heart (Ernie Ford)

8. Stifle yourself (Archie Bunker)

9. Good night Chet (David Brinkley)

10. Good morning America (David Hartman)

11. Good morning Viet Name (Robin Williams)

12. You look mahvalous dahling (Billy Crystal)

13. Bah Humbug (Scrooge)

14. Why don’t you come up and see me some time (Mae West)

15. Make my day (Clint Eastwood)


1. He was Howdy Doody’s sidekick (Clarabelle Clown)

2. The 3 Stooges (Larry, Moe & Curly or Joe)

3. Tonto’s Horse (Scout)

4. Introduced the Beatles to the U.S.A. (Ed Sullivan)

5. Emcee of the Amateur Hour (Ted Mack)

6. Jack Benny’s butler (Rochester)

7. Superman’s girlfriend (Lois Lane)

8. Scarlett O’Hara’s lover (Rhett Butler)

9. Famous Chinese detective (Charlie Chan)

10. Country you’d find Wuthering Heights (England)


There are fifteen phrases listed below. Each phrase can be converted into two words that rhyme. EXAMPLE: Happy Father = Glad Dad

1. Naughty boy – Bad Lad                 9. Ordinary walking stick – Plain Cane

2. Small skinny horse – Bony Pony             10. 300-watt bulb – Bright Light

3. Antique seat – Rare Chair                 11. Fine orchestra – Grand Band

4. Delicious fudge – Dandy Candy             12. Small frankfurter – Teeny Weenie

5. Large hog – Big Pig                     13. Saturday for school children – Play Day

6. Smooth hen – Slick Chick                 14. Comical rabbit – Funny Bunny

7. Irritated employer – Cross Boss             15. Overweight rodent – Fat Rat

8. Loafing flower – Lazy Daisy

NAMES OF AUTOMOBILES – (Past and Present)

1. Former President (Lincoln)                 6. Spanish explorer (DeSoto)

2. Crossing in a river (Ford)                 7. Famous rock (Plylmouth)

3. To avoid (Dodge)                     8. Substance in thermometer (Mercury)

4. City in Michigan (Pontiac)                 9. How does cross-patch speak (Crosly)

5. River in New York (Hudson)                 10. Belonging to a little Bill (Willys)


1. The Disney Deer – Bambi

2. Two Little Chipmunks – Chip & Dale

3. That Funny Cat – Garfield or Felix

4. The Strong Sailor – Popeye

5. A little Yellow Bird who thought he say a cat – Tweety

6. The cat who chases the mouse – Tom

7. Donald Duck’s three nephews – Huey, Duey & Louie

8. Bird who pecks trees – Woody Woodpecker

9. A silly black duck – Daffy

10. The Friendly Ghost – Casper

11. Two crazy mockingbirds – Heckle & Jeckle

12. The bear who loves honey – Winnie the Pooh

13. The Muppet Weirdo – Gonzo

14. Boy who is a pain – Dennis the Menace

15. Charlie Brown’s dog – Snoopy


1. All that glitters (is not gold)

2. A stitch in time (saves nine)

3. It never rains (but it pours)

4. A fool and his money (are soon parted)

5. Make hay (while the sun shines)

6. A watched pot (never boils)

7. A barking dog (never bites)

8. A rolling stone (gathers no moss)

9. Fools rush in (where angels fear to tread)

10. Never put off until tomorrow (what you can do today)

11. A bird in the hand (is worth two in the bush)

12. Birds of a feather (flock together)

13. It’s a long lane (that has no turning)

14. A place for everything (and everything in its place)

15. Out of sight (out of mind)

16. Where there’s a will (there’s a way)

17. Never look a gift horse (in the mouth)

18. Everything comes to him (who waits)

19. Better late (than never)

20. When it rains, it rains (cats and dogs)

21. Don’t cry over (Spilled milk)

22. Too many cooks (Spoil the broth)

23. Absence makes (The heart grow fonder)

24. A miss is as good as (A mile)

25. A new broom (Sweeps clean)

26. Chalk it up to (Experience)

27. The early bird (Gets the worm)

28. One good turn (Deserves another)

29. Practice makes (Perfect)

30. Silence is (Golden)

31. Seeing is (Believing)

32. Think before you (Speak)

33. Variety is the (Spice of lie)

34. Easy come (Easy go)

35. While there is life (There’s hope)

36. We are never too old (To learn)

37. Live and let (Live)

38. Let well enough (Alone)

39. Love is (Blind)

40. Might makes (Right)

41. Murder will (Out)


Each guest receives points for the following questions. The winner is the guest with the most points.

Have you ever

1. Locked yourself out of the house (20)

2. Lost any of your family while shopping (15)

3. Put something in the refrigerator that doesn’t belong there (30)

4. Turned white clothes a different colour in the wash (35)

5. Gone away and left the iron or coffee pot on, come all the way home, and found it was really off (50)

6. Had a zipper break when you were out somewhere (15)

7. Put on a pair of stocking with a run in them and pretended it just happened (10)

8. Put on two different socks or shoes and not realized it until you were out (75)

9. Taken a bath and left the towels in the closet (20)

10. Called someone on the phone and forgot who you were calling (40)

11. Called any member of your family by another name (20)

12. Put your heel though the hem of a dress (20)

13. Remembered an appointment after it was too late |(15)

14. Been ready to bathe and found no hot water (25)

15. Fallen up the stairs (35)

16. Gone shopping and discovered you didn’t bring any money with you (50)

17. Drive away from somewhere while a member of your party wasn’t in the car (35)

18. Locked your keys in the car (10)

19. Got into the car to go somewhere and forgot where you were going (20)

20. Put something in the oven to bake and forgot about it (35)

21. Woke up in the morning and didn’t know where you were (40)


The following definitions are clues to words that begin with the letters _Can. Can you get them all right?

1. Valley with high sides (canyon)

2. Covering over the bed (canopy)

3. A core in the mouth (canker)

4. A container for sugar, etc. (canister)

5. A sign of the Zodiac (Cancer)

6. Gallop gently (canter)

7. A confection (candy)

8. A light boat (canoe)

9. A person who eats humans (cannibal)

10. Sailcloth (canvas)

11. A bird (canary)

12. A big gun (cannon)

13. A country (Canada)

14. Shrewd (canny)

15. An animal (canine)

16. Preserving (canning)

17. Cross out (cancel)

18. A dance (Can-Can)

19. A torch (candle)

20. A flask (canteen)


1. Makes a loud noise (Firecracker)

2. Makes a smart remark (Wise cracker)

3. Has a boy’s name (Cracker Jack)

4. A beverage (Soda Cracker)

5. Goes to the circus (Animal Cracker)

6. Is the name of an inventor?

(Graham Cracker)

7. A squirrels favourite (Nut Cracker)

8. Puttin on the (Ritz)


1. One that is always cool (cucumber)

2. What vegetable has eyes (potatoes)

3. Another name for a red-head (carrot top)

4. What vegetable has a flower in it (cauliflower)

5. What is hard to eat with a knife (peas)

6. Honeymoon salad (lettuce)

7. What some people have on their toes (corn)

8. What vegetable has a dish in it (radish)

9. What hens lay and something that grows (Eggplant)


Shaping up usually requires counting calories. How good are you at counting calories? Which of the 2 has more calories?

1. = c. grapefruit juice (43) or orange juice (53)

2. Piece of apple pie (331) or pumpkin pie (265)

3. Tangerine (40) or orange (70)

4. 1 ounce of fudge (118) or 2 Tablespoons of jam (110)

5. Medium banana (85) or medium apple (70)

6. = cup green beans (14) or cut beets (34)

7. 1 Teaspoon butter (25) or 1 egg (77)

8. = cup cantaloupe (15) or = wedge watermelon (60)

9. = cup raw carrots (23) or 6 pieces of celery (10)

10. Slice of white bread (60) or < cup of raisins (115)


One good turn (deserves another)

Practice makes (perfect)

Silence is (golden)

Seeing is (believing)

Think before you (speak)

Variety is the (spice of life)

Easy come (easy go)

While there is life (there is hope)

We are never to old (to learn)

Live and (let live)

Leave well enough (alone)

A new broom (sweeps clean)

Love is (blind)

Might makes (right)


Ask these statements to the guests. When a person can answer yes to a

question, that person moves to the next seat on their right. The first

person that gets back to their original seat wins. By the way…there

will be several sitting on laps…even 4 at a time. Have Fun!!

If you are wearing shoes that tie

If you are wearing a watch

If you have on a button

If you went to church Sunday

If you kissed your significant other today

If you are wearing heels

If you are wearing a ring

If you are having fun

If you are wearing yellow

If you made the bed you slept in

If you have a zipper

If you are wearing pants

If you have a son

If you have green eyes


Divide the group into 3 smaller groups…Betty, Popeye & Wolf.

…When you mention “Betty” that group stands up and says:

“Boop-Boop-De-Doo” (with hip action) …When you mention “Popeye” that

group stands up and says: “Well, blow me down” (with arm waving action)

…When you mention “Wolf” that group stands up and gives a “Wolf


*Here’s the Story to Read*

“Once upon a time, there was a charming young lady named BETTY (Pause

for group action each time you mention Betty, Popeye & Wolf) who was loved

by a sailor called POPEYE. BETTY lived near a great forest in which there

roamed a big WOLF. One day BETTY decided to visit her grandmother who lived in

the heart of the forest where the WOLF lived, but BETTY would not listen

and would not let POPEYE accompany her. Soon the WOLF followed BETTY, and

he crept closer and closer. But, behind him came POPEYE! Just as the WOLF

was about to leap on BETTY, POPEYE hit him with his trusty club and saved

BETTY’S life. Thus the end of the story of POPEYE, BETTY BOOP and the

Big Bad WOLF”.


This game works well if you have a lively crowd (or if you’d like to

liven them up) and if you use folders or clip boards

Give everyone a straw, ten dry large lima beans (dry peas, M &

M’s…any small object that can be held at the end of a straw) and a 12 oz.

styrofoam coffee cup (or paper cups 3 oz. kitchen size…5 oz. bathroom

size, etc). Have everyone put the straw in their mouths, dump the beans

onto the folder, put the cup right side up on the folder, and then hold the

folder with both hands. At the count of three, everyone must use the

straw to suck the bean so that it hangs onto the bottom of the straw, and

then move the straw to the top of the cup and stop sucking so the bean drops

in the cup. NO CHEATING!!!! Everyone must keep both hands on their folders;

no laps or tables allowed!!! First one to get all 10 in cup wins prize!!!!


All answers contain “Pat”

A boy’s name – Patrick

Type of quilt – Patchwork

Rapid talk or chatter – Patter

A girl’s name – Patricia

Small road or lane – Path

This guides a dressmaker – Pattern

He polices the highway – Patrolman

Shiny shoes – Patent

Ruler or head of family – Patriarch

What are potato cakes – Patties

Self-control or endurance – Patience

Person who loves their country – Patriot


Award 13 points for each correct answer.

everyone gets 13 points for each correct answer

Have 13 buttons on your outfit

Have 13 letters in your full name

Have 13 coins in your purse

Have only 13 cents in change in your purse

Born on the 13th (Double points if it was a Fri!)

Married on the 13th (Triple points if it was a Friday)

Wear a size 13 in clothes

Wear a size 13 shoe (or 6-1/2, because that doubled

equals 13)

Have 13 kids/grandchildren/combination of both

Have 13 in your address

Have 13 in your phone number

Have 13 pieces of jewellery on

Have 13 pieces of (name of company) in your home!!!


You keep tools in it (Chest)

Part of a tree (Limb)

Grows on a cornstalk (Ears)

House of worship (Temple)

Part of a river (Mouth)

Carpenters use them (Nails)

Seafood (Muscles)

Part of an apple (Skin)

Part of a clock (Hands/Face)

Tropical tree (Palm)

Type of macaroni (Elbow)

Horses sometimes win by this (Nose)

Edge of a saw (Teeth)

Cad or jerk (Heel)

You can see it in a slab of marble (Veins)

Part of a hurricane (Eye)

24 inches (2 feet)

Entry in the tortoise race (Hair)

Tugboat’s duty (Toe)

Wrigley’s (Gum)


Some mathematician was really bored! This really works, but this is the

ONLY year that it will work. So…spread some wonder around and play this

game! Work this out as you read. Don’t read the bottom until you have worked it out.!

First of all, pick the number of days a week that you would like to go

out and party.

Multiply this number by 2.

Add 5.

Multiply it by 50.

If you have already had your birthday this year, add 1748. If you

haven’t, add 1747.

Last step: Subtract the four-digit year that you were born.


You should now have a three-digit number:

The first digit of this was your original number

(i.e. how many times you want to go out each week).

The second two digits are your age!


Give prize for most points to whoever has a:

Green house – 10 points

Green car – 5 points

Green paint – 5 points

Green on – 15 points

Green eyes – 20 points

Green rug – 5 points

Green ring – 10 points

Green chair – 10 points

Green Tupperware – 25 points

Green back (money) – 5 points each one

Green shoes – 5 points each pair



now pass me down a G & T

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