Linda Goodman’s book Star Signs gave me much insight into how spiritual astrology really is.  Many peole quote astrology as being a paganistic art.  I personally feel that in this book, Goodman provides enough factual evidence to make one think on another level.  The first of the mysterious wonders of the universe is  the mystery of numbers.

Number 7

The number of mystery.

In every religion the number 7 symbolizes the mysterious spiritual power.

This reasons out in religious matters fistly with the seven days of creation. The holy works also refer to seventh heaven, seven churches, seven thrones, seven seals, the seven day march around the walls of Jericho.  There are 7 generations from the birth of David to the birth of Jesus (‘who shall be born of the House of David’)

Ezekiel speaks of ‘the seven angels of the Lord’ – metaphysicians believe this refers to the magnetic power points that radiate through the Earth.  This theory supports Telsa’s discovery of alternating current base on his study of magnetic fields in the Earth.  (This was seen then as “magic tricks” of electrical energy.)

The mysterious 7 is also spoken about in the  book of Revelation as the seven sirpits of God sent forth into all the Earth.  This is repeated in Egyptian religion as the seven spirits, Chaldeans as the seven angels, Hindu as the seven Devas, Hebrew Kabala as the seven Sephiroth, Persian as the seven Amschaspands.

In every religeon the number 7 symbolizes the mysterious spiritual power

Strange too, that we have 7 days in a week.

Number 0

0 The number of eternity.

Add 0 to any number (1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000 and so on) every time a 0 is added the number becomes more powerful.

0 has often been referred to as a symbol of the snake eating its own tail.

Number 1

Number 1 symbolises the Creator, God, call it as you may.

Number 9

The material number.

Represents the energy of all life upon this planet in a material sense – LIFE.



Take the number 1 (the Creator) add on some zero’s (Power) and divide by the magical number 7

This gives us 142857 (Pi)

Add these numbers together 1+4+2+8+5+7 = 9 – Life (the story of existence)

In Linda’s book she refers to the number 9 as the Alpha and Omega ( the beginning and end of everything)

If you have any doubt look at this:

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 45


Like no other number, the number 9 multiplied or added it to its own multiple, cannot be destroyed (life/existence) – try 2 x 9 = 18


3 x 9=27


4 x9=36

3+6 = 9 and so on to infinity.

Still in doubt?

Here are some more facts to ponder on:

We have 9 days of prayers of the Novenas in the Catholic Church.

In Freemasonry (which is based on astrology) there is the Order of the 9 elected knights, in this order 9 roses, 9 lights and 9 knocks are used

The Sidereal year is 25,920 years.  Add these figures together to get 18, reduces again to number 9. This is also relative to the precision of the equinoxes:

it takes 72 years to complete one degree of this eqinoctical precission – 72 years is 7+2=9

One degree takes 72 years

Two degrees take 144 years

and so on, every time the number reduces to 9.

It was discovered using astrology to calculate weather conditions that when two planets are “square” to each other in a particular latitude/longitude, a thunderstorm occurs.  In astrology a square is an aspect of “tension” – planets “square” each other when they are exactly 90degrees apart (number 9 again).

Researchers of cycles observe that important changes with worldwide implications happen every 180  years on Earth. 1+8+0=9

The 360 degrees of the astrological cicle, or any circle add to 9.

It takes 9 months of gestation to prduce the birth of a child.

There are 86, 400 seconds in a day 8+6+4+0+0=18  and 1+8=9

There are 24 hours in a day 2+4=6 (an upside down 9)

The human mean normal respiration rate is 18 times a minute 1+8=9

The mean normal heartbeat or pulse rate is 72 times a minute 7+2=9

The average number of heartbeats per hour is 4,320 – 9 again

The average number of respirations per hour is 1,080 – 9 again

In 24 hours, your heart beats an average of 103,680 times – 9 again

In the same 4 hour period, respiration occurs an average of 25,920 times – exactly the same number of times as there are in a Great Sidereal year.


You may say that what you are about to read is co-incidence but I believe Mrs Goodman’s theory that it all part of the sychronised harmony of the Universe.

After all, they do say co-incidence is God”s way of letting us know He’s there.


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