Memo to myself

New Beginnings………

That’s how I always think of spring.  Well I’m in a new country and not quiet sure which season it is.  It feels like spring – and all the flowers are blooming.  I even heard a bird tweet for the first time since I’ve been here.  We have lots of birds here, being so near the sea but they are all seagulls and I think they frighten off the smaller birds.  They frighten me, they are huge and when they swoop down they feel even bigger. Memo to myself – when I see a seagull, run like hell.


I have a bird feeder hanging in the tree in my front garden I should probably try to find to try encourage the birds to come tweet in my garden.  Thinking about it though, maybe I should have filled it in the winter when they had no food.  Well I’m not going on a guilt trip because I didn’t see any birds – if they wanted food they could have come and tapped on my window.  Memo to myself – sort the bird feeder out before the thoughts start to eat into the guilt block.


Speaking of windows, I got the fright of my life last week when I dropped my towel in my bedroom and stretched over to get my underwear and heard a mans voice at my window.  I almost dived in the cupboard but then realised he was chatting to his mate – who was probably also up on the ladder trying to pretend I wasn’t staring at them in the nude.  Memo to myself – remember the window cleaners come on a Thursday.


You know another strange thing I have found in England is the light nights.  It really disorientates me.  You have to know its getting bad when you are just starting to make the dinner (tea) at 10pm – Memo to myself – get a watch.


Oh great, just saw on the new that the HMS Ocean has arrived here.  Thats very nice and all but it really does nothing for me.  Some people get in their cars and rush down to the mouth of the Tyne to try grab a look at these ships.  They are just ships….or am I missing something?  Memo to myself – check what sort of precious cargo is being shipped in.


Well I certainly hope they are shipping in a whole lot of illegal phillipino girls or something.  Since they wont be able to get permanent jobs as they are illegal, they will look for menial work like cleaning houses.  These are the ones who I really want to pop in once a week, stay for a few hours, and make sure the ironing is done before she leaves. Either that or she becomes a prostitute or something.  Memo to myself – don’t feel guilty about wanting a maid again, look on it as doing the girl a favour.


Gotta go close all the doors and windows now.  Its starting to get chilly now.  Its probably still magnificent outdoors, but Im indoors so the heater goes on.  I wish my son would hurry home as we are going for chinese tonight and to say I am ravished would be a total understatement.  Memo to myself – get yourself a cuppa and a biscuit as teenage boys are not reknowned for their time keeping.


Memo to you – have an absolutely fantabulous weekdend.

CB x




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