Wow, today is mine, I feel so high on life I just hope nothing pops my bubble.
Had a great day with my Avon sales. Made peace with kids. Bought a bit of food. Wrote a whole lotta emails apologising for not being able to pay my debts. I’m partnerless and I’m happy.
My daughters coming home for a week in july – I haven’t seen her in 6 months so that’s just more helium – wooooo cloud nine watch out – I think the people here think I’m in cloud coekoo land but that’s alright.
I received a postcard from my daughter the other day. She flies all over the world and writes me whole letters on postcards – she says she’s gonna be arrested for abusing the postcard system. Anyway she wrote such a lovely letter – she sounds so at peace with herself – the letter made me cry but for all the right reasons. I put it down and said out loud “thank you” to you know who. Its such a wonderful feeling to know your children are all happy and I think its about time I let my mom and dad have this feeling too. They deserve it. I love them. I love my kids and I love life – what more can you ask for?

postcard abuse :o)

postcard abuse :o)

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