I am thinking of making a blog for my company with links to all of the relevant areas of the business (which are the individual blogs) – this will probably have to wait un til  a later stage as I am sure this will be complex.  Building up the blog sites is also essential  If I had a company site and a blog link to say ‘events planning’ and a reader clicks and get an ‘under construction’ message,, what are the chances they are  ever going back there?  Zero.

Entertaining and party planning

I have endless checklists and info for all sorts of entertaining  I am going to start a new blog for this which will eventually link to my company site.

Events and campaigns

Protocols, themes, ideas, tips and  tricks to make life in events planning easier will probably be covered  on the same blogsite as the entertainment.  I don’t want to build a whole blog site only to realise later it should have been separate  – so this will require some down time to consider the options and how much content I intend including on each site.

Corporate Social investment

I have lots of ideas which I can draw from 10 years in Public relations, as well as many new creative ideas to share with organisations.  The idea of corporate social investment is for the organisation to ‘give back’ or ‘invest in’ the local community.  This could be a draw card for companies, especially smaller companies who cannot afford expensive PR campaigns.  This is an idea that requires planning as this could be a drawcard for bringing corporate readers to my site.

Is it just a job or is it a career

I am going to write a blog about the recruitment sector and include some interviews of people’s opinions on this sector as well as a section dealing what people have to say about looking for work,  types of work they do, staying in a job, those choosing high flying careers and those they don’t.  I will find a number of blogs to support this project.

Go for a walk

I find walking to be the most therapeutic exercise.  Im not one of those people who walk with wires stuck in my ears.  When I walk, I think.  While walking around its amazing the things you see that stimulate thoughts and this is especially true if you deliberately walk in a new direction, go somewhere you haven’t been to before.  Take a camera with you and snap pics along the way to support your blogs.

Get your albums out

Looking at old photos brings lots of memories flooding back  Use the photos and the memories as content – share them, everyone has a story to tell, and there is always an interested reader who enjoys sharing it with you.

My awesome list

Being very sensual, I have a myriad of lists of awesome things I have seen, heard, smelt, tasted and felt.  I plan to share these over time.


My sons are always dreaming up conspiracies, and some may be close to the truth – I will discuss some of these as well as some of my own thoughts on this subject.

Two sides to a tale

During my five years in journalism I learned one thing that is so true, that is ‘there are ALWAYS two sides to a tale’ So I am going to review some of the more opnionated blogs I have written and try to address them from another point of view.  I will also take some political issues and discuss them.

Some  examples that come immediately to mind  are  ‘should we still have a death sentence’?  ‘is abortion acceptable?’ ‘Is the government keeping people down in order to keep control?’  ‘Do adult and child sex offenders get off too light?’  – I will research and write these blogs as objectively as possible.

Speak to an aged person

Older people are so interesting.  They have so many stories and they love to share them.  Be sure to let them know you are intending to write the story.

Walk  in someone elses shoes

This would entail blogs about different people and what your would do if you were them, or if you could walk in their shoes for a day.

Interviews with people with health conditions

Some health conditions need to be highlighted and, being one of those affected tends to make others more open about their conditions.

Speak to the ill or elderly - they always have a tale to tell.

Family tales

Fandamilies – always something going on in a large family.  I want to blog about some funny and weird tales about people I have learned about while doing my family tree.


Now to get blogging

Well that’s it for now but I assure you I could add to this list  within 24 hours.  There is always something to write about.  Content is important but  Bloggers have to consider how relevant a topic is to the blog and how the blog could affect the readers views.

Last, but not least

I intend to investigate what readers want to read about and address content on relevant subjects.


Add to the list

Any readers with any comments or additional ideas should please email them to

At this point in time

It appears that content is the least of my problems right now   My challenge is fitting in all the things I need to do and blog.



  1. I’ve struggled with blogger’s block before. Its a good idea to own a lot of different blogs with each one based on a different topic to help ensure you can always add something to one of your blogs in a day.
    I personally don’t like reading blog posts that are long, so I usually don’t like long blog posts. But the shorter a blog post is, the more personality it better have.

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