In the beginning……..

DAY 1…………………

Well here I begin to seriously blog. 

I am going though this step by step and hopefully will come out the other end a better blogger.

I am going to write on a number of issues and bits n bobs which are close to my heart.

Im not sure that all subject will be of interest to a single audience.  I will try to establish who prefers to read what and divide it up with more relevance later on.

I need to find sources of information to blog on. Information which links to and enhances what i am writing about and images to complement and brighten it all up.

I plan to read all comments and use criticism constructively.  I hate being criticized and now I am putting myself out there to be open to it all…….so treat me gently.

I have read a bit about search engines and ads but my goodness, I am just starting, I wil pick it all up as I go along.

I want everyone who takes the time to read this blog to pay heed as I am going to send it back to you together with a new blog in a years time………………hopefully there will be a world of difference.

Since I am not feeling in top form today I am going to keep this brief. 

I also have lots of reading to do.

Berry goodnight to all xxx




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