I was beginning to think I had OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) with my compulsion for making lists. Then my ample behind landed in the proverbial butter when I found out about blogging. Lists, lists everywhere…I was in 7th heaven.
Everything I do or must remember to do goes on a list. I have so many lists my dad often jokes that I need a list of my lists.

So now im going to share with you some of the crazy and not so crazy lists I have made.

This is a list I write when I am down in the dumps or feeling all sorry for myself. Basically its a list of things I have to be thankful for. You should try it, its amazing the things you think of. I went right from a loving family and good health to toilet paper and toenail clippers. You may think 100 things are a lot to think of but if you keep going you will probably be able to list much more than 100 things and its amazing how great you feel after doing this list. It sort of makes you realise you have so much to be thankful for that your being pretty self centred feeling sorry for yourself.

This is sort of a bucket list but being such an indefinite time frame makes it a difficult list to compile. I have about five things written on the list. I suppose its due to the fact that i havent ever aspired to be famous, visit great places or meet important people. My daughter, on the other hand, is on her second bucket list. She has travelled to over 100 countries, visited most of the wonders and tourist sights in the world. She has sky dived, scuba dived, parasailed, bungeed, surfed, you name it………… just talking about it tires me out. At least with my wee little list I certainly don’t feel under any pressure to do anything weird and wonderful anytime soon.

This is a black book I have. I started to write down dates that I had disturbing dreams – trust me, there are plenty. Eventually I began writing small snyopsis of the dream. I was trying to find some pattern. No pattern evolved over the five years that I religiously kept this list going. I did find though was pretty disturbing – things I was dreaming of were happening. So guess what I did? I listed this, every time something happened that made me think of a dream Id had I would note in the dream book in another colour under the dream. I wrote the date and what had happened. I think I began to scare myself so I stopped writing the dreams down.

Sounds like my dream book In fact this was during the 10 years of my role of public relations practitioner (PRP) in the largest aircraft manufacturer of the southern hemisphere.
Communications, events planning, branding, visit groups to site and events planning all required the creative, stylish, organised approach of a talented PRP. The most important task though is to keep lists of activities planned to reach objectives From a tea party to planning of the Africa Aerospace and Defence show; from hosting student groups on factory visits right up to planning events for VIPs The key to a successful event is in the lists. One of the challenging events I planned was for a meeting between two heads of state. You cant even begin to imagine the amount of protocol that had to be adhered to in visits of this level.

I sell Avon products and have list of houses canvassed, catalogues delivered, returned, due, orders, customer details, etc. Thankfully I enjoy making lists.

Many people make theses lists: daily tasks and shopping lists. Maybe I am a little neurotic here too, the shopping list is done under categories eg frozen food, tinned foods, fridge, freezer and fresh foods, cleaning products and personal hygiene.

Budgets and finances are lists I really dont like making – they are normally pointless because just as I get everything balanced something happens that messes it all up again. This is a real prozac trigger type of list for me.

One of the most well used lists I made was a list of things to be done before moving from South Africa to Northern Ireland.

This has to be the most useless list I have ever made. A list of household chores, no one even cast a glance over it and I still struggle to do everything myself.

When I set out blogging I was in awe of some of the helpful bulleted blogs I came across. Lists so organised and well cross referenced, brightened up with relevant photographs. I was actually in awe of it all, still am.


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