If you go down to the woods today …..

HI, I am blogging under the pseudonym Cherryberrybear. I am a newbie blogger and look forward to your assistance along the way.
I am using this blog to learn and will be blogging about issues and subjects close to my heart. I am a very caring person with oodles of compassion and empathy for people.
I am very sensual, visual, audio, touch, scent and taste are the base of anything which rocks my world. Anything which appeals to my senses, moves me. These are things I know I can discuss easily with anyone. So I will discuss random things which stir me. Feel free to drag me off the soap box if I become too much.
The sense thats the most sensitive is the sixth sense…….a sense I believe I am in touch with.
Much of what I blog on this blog will be intangible, speculative and my personal opinion. I ask readers to keep an open mind, keep an open heart and remember that a sharing family is a caring family. So lets share our blogs and take from this what we can and give back the same or more.


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