Dont read until you are sitting down with a hot cuppa

Have a break, grab a cuppa and a sit down.

OMG you bloggers cannot follow simple instructions can you?

I knew the heading Don’t read would get your attention but you are supposed to have a cuppa and read through my blogs in your break.

All jokes aside  I am new to all of this and will probably be a blogger who writes in column style moreso than in list style.  Hope that works  Hey you guys have got to help me out here…… give me some serious blogging advice.

I need to get up to speed quickly on the blog scene as I am planning to start my own business next month and I will then start a new blog to use as a resource.  Ultimately, I plan to use all the blogsites as a source for doing some free lance writing to make a little money to put aside for some butter for my kids bread and some diluteable cooldrink for their water.  hehe

Well thats it.  I will update you as we go…………… tips tips tips, remember (and thats not PG tips) – you were supposed to arrange that before you read this!

Have a fantabulous day




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